Lifter for coils – LEM

Lift easily your heavy coils with us

Introducing our transformative Lifter for Coils

Engineered for precision and efficiency, this essential equipment ensures seamless handling of coils during the production process. With a robust design and user-friendly controls, our Lifter for Coils enhances operational ease, optimizing workflow in the transformer industry. Elevate your coil-handling capabilities with a reliable solution that embodies durability and innovation, setting new standards for efficiency in transformer manufacturing. Welcome to a new era of precision with our advanced Lifter for Coils.

The LEM was designed to lift the coil. It has telescopic legs that can be adapted to the length and height required for the winding from 90°/75°/60° and the angle of each one is motorized. The Opening and Closure of the legs is motorized and it can be customizable.

Thanks to the motorized Opening and Closing System, we ensure the maximum level of safety for the operator. We can also customized the additional tools to lift any type of bobbins.

Technical Information

  • Telescopic legs, bent +/- 15°;
  • Opening and Closure of the telescopic arms through a motorized lifting system that includes a remote control and a switchboard;
  • Variable positioning of the vertical lift arms;
  • Horizontal positioning of the lifting brackets;
  • Variable positioning of the vertical lift arms.

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