Horizontal Equipment for Gluing Cylinder

This equipment was designed to get a cylinder from a flat carton.

Redefine Cylinder Manufacturing with Cutting-Edge Gluing Technology

Enter a new realm of precision and efficiency with Tecnica 80 S.R.L.’s advanced equipment designed for the gluing of cylinders. Our state-of-the-art machinery is the cornerstone of seamless bonding solutions, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of modern manufacturing and production lines.

Seamless Bonding Across Applications

Our gluing equipment is engineered to perfection, providing flawless adhesive application across various cylinder applications. Whether you are dealing with high-volume manufacturing or intricate production lines, our machines set new standards for what you can achieve with cylinder assembly.

Optimal Performance with User-Friendly Design

We believe that sophisticated technology should come with ease of use. That’s why our cylinder gluing equipment is equipped with user-friendly controls and adaptable features, allowing for a smooth operation that maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.

Reliability and Speed in Cylinder Bonding

Elevate your cylinder bonding process with equipment that delivers reliability and speed. Our commitment to innovation ensures that every aspect of our gluing machinery enhances your assembly operations, bringing a new level of excellence to your cylinder manufacturing.

Trust in Tecnica 80’s Excellence

With Tecnica 80’s gluing equipment, you are investing in a partnership that values the quality and efficiency of your production. Trust in us to provide the tools that will propel your operations into the future of cylinder manufacturing.

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